aucw-pftc-igAn Under Cover Weekend has teamed up with Playing For The Cause to raise money for Saint Louis Story Stitchers at #AUCW9. At any time you can simply text “AUCW” to 33733 to make your gift, you can donate online at PFTC’s website, and/or you can make a donation in person at An Under Cover Weekend.

Story Stitcher philosophy involves listening and learning in a stable, supportive, creative, and safe environment. From that space artists and teens choose relevant research topics and then use artistic skills to create original work. Artists focus on issues identified as important by the teens such as bias, bullying, profiling, gun violence, unemployment, homelessness, and education and members work to better understand all dimensions of the issues at hand and promote positive change through public art and community engagement. This work lends an honest voice to the issues on the minds of urban youth.

The money raised through An Under Cover Weekend will provide support to artists and youth working towards Story Stitchers’ first publication, Curating Teen Voices: Coming of Age. This publication will include writing from local teens on the experience of growing up today in St. Louis, images and artwork by youth and participating professional artists, reflections by scholars, and a new sound or musical recording related to the subject. This project is aimed at creating a better understanding of the issues that concern local teens and the reduction of bias, especially towards minority teenage youth.

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