Rehearsing Not Another One!

Stitchers artists and teens have been busy at both the Kranzberg Arts Center and Stitchers Storefront Studio writing, rehearsing and producing two new songs that they hope will help stop gun violence. Teens have a lot to say on this subject and have written a hip hop song called Not Another 1! which they will premiere live on September 17th at Washington University (details below). Below are some of the song’s lyrics.

Not another one! 


You need to know, you need to care, you need to act! Can’t take it back!

Not another one falling victim to the gun clap!!

Not another one!

Not another one!

Not another one!

Not another one!

Juwuan aka Turt DMC’s Verse:

M-O M-O get the memo

When I say MO I say Missouri,

Listen close to my theory

Seem like MO problems MO sirens

Say MO sirens “MO sirens” Missouri silence,

Doesn’t exist, ball up your fist, feeling the power

Open your hand, taking a stand, call’em a coward

For making a plan, illegal weapons

Don’t be testing, watch yo head, when you stepping

That’s just stressing

Keeping track of the death man

Too many eyes been squinting.

How you hate and don’t even know another victim. One! I say no MO!

Trevor aka Major’s Verse:

Never knew it could resort to this,

Pointless killing, no purposes.

A long track of dead corpses,

This world changed metamorphosis.

I don’t want people to know the Lou,

As a place where people shoot,

Or a place where people loot,

Or a place where cops are brutes!

Show Me State let’s show them then,

That disputes don’t have to end!

With a life that has to end.

These streets they can be cleansed

It starts with just me and you,

With this power it can all be through.

This world sick it has the flu,

Let’s make a change starting with the Lou.

Concentration leads to dedication, in order to dedicate you need some patience.

Think about these situations; it could be another life saving.

Living life where there always sirens,

Watch the news another man dying.

Face the facts and stand up!

Change the world and man up!

Guns in the Hands of Artists

Panel Discussion and Performance: Thursday, September 17th, 6:00-8:00p

Steinberg Auditorium (off Forsyth Blvd.)

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, Washington University

View the live stream starting at 5:45 here: