Will you help us by voting for our Cause?

Great news! Story Stitchers are in the top 200 in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program with our Cause The Weight of Words asking teens to put down guns for books.

The Contest is LIVE as of tonight and finalists are competing for the top 40 spots by the highest accumulation of voting numbers. We will need to generate over 50,000 votes to be one of the 40 winners who bring home $25,000!

Can you help us get out votes? Use your social media accounts to support the Story Stitchers in making a positive change by voting for our Cause. Invite your friends local and national to vote for The Weight of Words.

We need everyone to vote once a day until June 4 and to allocate ALL10 of your daily votes to us every day each day when you go on facebook. It’s very exciting!!

Help us bring $25,000 from State Farm home to St. Louis to fight gun violence and promote literacy and education.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE !!!  Then please share with your friends!!