Color Matters

Kimberly Jade Norwood joined our Saturday Workshop with Teen Council on February 7th to discuss issues related to her book, Color Matters and to the theme of our project, Perception Isn’t Always Reality. Teen Council members sat on the Studio Theater stage at Kranzberg Arts Center with Ms. Jade and discussed perceptions people have of each other as related to skin tone, facial features and hair, both in the United States and internationally. They discussed some of the realities related to these perceptions including lower income that those with darker skin tones may experience. Teens walked away more aware of their own perceptions of others, thinking more deeply about what attracts them to certain individuals, and a better idea of how they might help to make the world better for all.

After the discussion Teen Council enjoyed Game Day and snacks!

Thank you for sharing your research with the Story Stitchers! We hope you come back soon!

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