our logo

The circular symbol in our logo comes from the West African Adinkra symbol called Adinkrahene, chief of the Adinkra symbols. It stands for greatness, charisma and the importance of playing a role in community leadership.

Adinkra cloth is hand-stamped in Ghana and worn by people in a variety of social and festive gatherings. Adinkra symbols express various themes related to the history, beliefs, and philosophy of the Asante people of Ghana. Sometimes they are related to wisdom as taught through traditional proverbs. Adinkra cloth has been called story cloth, as numerous symbols are stamped in blocks on one cloth, perhaps telling the story of a person’s life.

I have stitched this simple design many times. It is a beautiful symbol of community.

We want to give a shout out to Jessica Colangelo who designed it for us during her visit this week to St. Louis. Thanks Jesse!


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Stitchers LOGO